Troy Holden




I have so much music inside me I’m just trying to stay afloat. I don’t tend to write for a particular band - you have to just write the songs and let God into the room and let the music tell you what to do. -Jack White


António Julio Duarte

Japan Drug

"It was 1997 and the new millennium was imminent, one could feel the tense anticipation about what was to come next.

I was alone in Japan, a place I had never been before. During the day I would go out looking for my own sense of the place, photographing, exploring notions of center, a place of convergence, as the world expanded before me in its uncertain course.

Many years have passed and I felt a need to go back to these images. The millennium is long gone but the vertigo of uncertainty is yet to disappear.”

—António Júlio Duarte



Gustav Klimt, Fir Forest I, 1901


Austrian soldier at the wooden trenches during WWI, Eastern Europe, 1915

Dali and models (ca.1974)  by Pompeo Posar 


So, we got kicked out of our old pad and today was the last day there. This is the place where we made all our shirts, recorded our record, made our demos, partied, got into arguments, made up, made out, partied, ate ALOT of top ramen, drank ALOT of coors lights, partied, played NBA 2k10, watched Point Break about 200 times, had one of our first shows there, got scabies, had alot of laughs, had some dark times, smoked ourselves retarded, watched every episode of Cheers (half of every Frasier episode), pissed off our neighbors, had alot of ragers, got sick alot, gave people alot of dumb tattoos, etfuckincetera… We had a last hang and Alice Baxley took some photos. Its been an awesome wave to ride. :_(


Avar woman (Caucasus), wedding traditional costume. Ethnic groups living in the Russian republic of Dagestan, village Rugudja, tribal caucasian rug,  silver jewelry.


Maharaja of Indore, Bernard Boutet de Monvel, 1934